For more than 20 years, Knox Concert Series volunteers have made it possible for people to experience classical productions. From preparing students in the classroom to serving as board members to guaranteeing each performance is a success, volunteers are the critical link to our communities.

Education OUTREACH
The Nutcracker

Each year, starting in November, Knox volunteers visit third grade classrooms throughout a four-county area to introduce students to the timeless story of The Nutcracker. If you enjoy reading to children, kinetic learning, classroom interaction and more, this is the place for you!

After students attend the ballet, they will be asked to write a “thank you” articulating something they particularly remembered and/or enjoyed about the ballet and/or the entire concert going experience.

Library Readings
A volunteer will read the story of the Nutcracker in all Calhoun County libraries. A dance teacher and dance students will perform a brief excerpt from one of the dance pieces. Refreshments with a Nutcracker theme will be served. This is an opportunity for groups such as the Boys and Girls Club to attend and is also seen as a family occasion.

Local Cast
Historically as many as fifty local children have had the opportunity to dance small roles in the annual Nutcracker production. This new production will feature at least one dance for local cast. Auditions will be announced.